Northern California wetlands restoration sites, Cullinan Ranch and Guadalcanal Village, used to comprise the majority of my photos. Archaea, formerly found on Cullinan Ranch, has a separate page due to its unique subject. However, the bulldozing of the Cullinan Ranch site in September 2016, including the Archaea, makes the area both less diverse and less interesting, visually. It’s now dirt dikes and water.

However, acres of beautiful, rusted industrial beams and tubes on Mare Island have captured my imagination. For now, they’re on the New Work page.

Other Nature scenes have piqued my interest. Photos labelled Industrial have been taken mostly on Mare Island, California. Travel photos attempt to show what my trips were like. I change the photos on the New Work page frequently to show my most recent photos.

I post a photo to FaceBook every morning.  Although sometimes the photos wind up on this website the daily postings show most immediately what I’m working on, whether it’s scanning old photos or re-working new ones.

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