Daily Upload

For several years I uploaded a photo to FaceBook every day. In order to accommodate people who are not on FaceBook, I added this page and upload the same photo to both daily.

A series of photos of a juvenile osprey practicing flying atop one of the gantries on Mare Island can be seen at Osprey.

A series of drops on spider webs can be seen at Raindrops on Webs .  –Sally Mack

From the "Horizontals: Rusted" series, Mare Island 4662 From the "Horizontals: Rusted" series, Mare Island 1249Algae and reflections, White Slough 3878Egret detail, White Slough 4305Velofix 4232Watery ripples, White Slough 4099Juvenile green heron, White Slough 4200
edited 9/18/19