Daily Upload

For several years I uploaded a photo to FaceBook every day. In order to accommodate people who are not on FaceBook, I added this page and upload the same photo to both daily. –Sally Mack

Fogdrops on lupin leaves and grass, White Slough 2632Ripples, White Slough 2391Women's March, Napa CA, 1/18/20 (1096)Pied-billed grebe 2525Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area near Davis CA 2566Coots, reeds, and ripples at Yolo Bypass Wildlife AreaRed-tailed hawk, Vallejo  2493Red-tailed hawk and crow, Vallejo 2482Crow harassing red-tailed hawk, Vallejo 2429Crow harassing red-tailed hawk, Vallejo 2428Ripples and reflections, White Slough 4229Ripples and reflections, White Slough 2129Ripples and reflections, White Slough 2371Reflections, White Slough 2118Reflections, White Slough 2263HAPPY NEW YEAR!Bird-filled sky, Christmas 2019, White SloughFog, White Slough 1893Steel structures, Mare Island 1709Steel structures, Mare Island 1822Detail of steel structures, Mare Island 1638Detail of steel structures, Mare Island 1605Industrial rusted what's-its at Mare Island 1596Cutest photo bomb ever!
edited 1/22/20