Daily Upload

For several years I have been uploading  the same picture daily to both this page and to FaceBook.  FaceBook shows a larger selection of previous photos than this page. –Sally Mack

Magnolia buds, Vallejo 4172Magnolia bud, Vallejo 4118Horizontals, Mare Island 3907Great blue heron 6866, one of the photos in my Reflecting on Water exhibitMagnolia bud, Vallejo 4035Ripples 4123Kestrel, back of head and in profile, Mare IslandRed-tailed hawk, White Slough 8988Red-tailed hawk, White Slough 9007Red-tailed hawk, White Slough 8993Reflections, White Slough 1172Horizontals, Mare Island 3301Rust and holes, Mare Island 3280Horizontals 3283Egret and reflection, White Slough 0840Egret. White Slough 1307Ducks, White Slough.Webs 3400, another photo that will be in the exhibit at The Faculty Club on the UC Berkeley campus, Feb 3 - 28, 2020Reflections 9232, one of the photos in my
edited 2/22/20