Daily Upload

For several years I uploaded a photo to FaceBook every day. In order to accommodate people who are not on FaceBook, I added this page and upload the same photo to both daily.

A series of photos of a juvenile osprey practicing flying atop one of the gantries on Mare Island can be seen at Osprey.

A series of drops on spider webs can be seen at Raindrops on Webs .  –Sally Mack

Ducks and ripples, White Slough (July 9, 2019) 8874Grasses, ripples, and reflections, White Slough 8772Reflections, White Slough 1683Agave in bloom, Mare Island 0337Agave stalk and buds, Vallejo 7248Ripples and reflections, White Slough 0305Ripples and reflections, White Slough 4136


edited 8/16/19