Birds – Jan 3 – 31, 2019

My exhibit at The Faculty Club on the UC Berkeley campus, January 3 -31, 2019, will consist of photos I have taken of birds over the last year. This selection of photos is preliminary, I’ve already changed them from the original set several times, this is what I’m thinking now. More changes guaranteed!

The Faculty Club is free and open to the public, a good place to have lunch. Please stop by to see the exhibit and let me know what you think.  –Sally Mack, December 6, 2018

American coots 1938Black-necked stilt 3435American coot 1926Forster's ternSnowy egret 2609American kestrel 7398Black-crowned night heron 2420Osprey siblings 9104American avocets 3096Turkey vulture 0241Great horned owls 6505Great egrets 7789
edited 12/6/18