Marsh, Mud, and Microbes – Sept 12 – Oct 17, 2017

Marsh, Mud, and Microbes, wetlands photos by Sally Mack was on display at the Marilyn Citron O’Rourke Art Gallery at Benicia Public Library, Sept 12 – Oct 17, 2017.

The photos were taken over a 10-15 year period at two northern California wetlands sites. None could be taken now, because of changes both natural and man-made. One of the sites matured, plants grew so thickly where I used to be able to walk that many places are now inaccessible. The other site was bulldozed, graded, and inundated with water in the name of “restoration,” completely obliterating the places I’d photographed for over 15 years. The NWR had the amazing archaea bulldozed, as well.

Thanks to all who viewed the exhibit.  –Sally Mack, December 31, 2017

InvitationArchaea 0017Archaea 0020Archaea 2327Archaea 2275Pink Pickleweed 027-18Pickleweed Reflections 10036Pickleweed Reflections 307-06Pickleweed reflections 51-07Reflections 299-08Reflections 101Pickleweed-Cracked Mud 458-1Pickleweed-Ripples 48-06Leaves-Logs 373-12Above Water-Underwater 373-02Bird tracks 0041Mud-Pickleweed 83-01White Log 375-08Overview 347-09Low Tide 3040Grasses-Reflections 069-01Grasses-Clouds Reflections 1410Reeds 028-03Reeds 028-04Grasses-Reflections 121-07Reflections 318-24Grasses-Clouds Reflections 111-03Reflections 374-00Reflections 401Reflections 4070Scum abstract 00006Scum Abstract 0030Scum abstract 0031Scum abstract 1124Scum Abstract 1427

Wayne Lanier, PhD, who ID’d the archaea, presented information from his work with the archaea as part of the exhibit.