New Work

At Mare Island (former naval shipyard) rusted industrial tubes and beams are coated for use in shoring up roads, for buildings, for use under the SF Bay. Their various uses require different-colored coatings: white, pink, red, green. After being coated, they’re lined up to dry and await transport. And make wonderful horizontal abstracts. The coating is brightly colored and reflective, light bounces all over the place!

Here are some pictures from my “Horizontals” series, first rusted, then a few shots of coated beams and tubes.   — Sally Mack

Rusted tubes 1604Rusted beams 3120020Rusted tubes 1585Rusted beams 2983Rusted tubes 7222Green beam 10004White tubes 0933Green tubes 1866Red tubes 3380Yellow beams 1788






page edited December 19, 2017