Guadalcanal Village Wetlands

Guadalcanal Village wetlands restoration site
This site, along with Cullinan Ranch, is one of my favorite places to photograph. Guadalcanal Village, owned by the California Department of Transportation, has been used as a mitigation site. It’s in northern California at the northern end of Mare Island, just off Hwy 37. The site was restored to tidal influence on October 31, 2001.

Overview 347-09Overview 344-23Grasses/reflections 069-02Tidal rill 091-14Pickleweed 299-24Pink pickleweed #3 027-018Pickleweed 1030021Grasses/reflections 465-14Pickleweed/cracked mud 458-13Grasses PB220073Web 1260095.jpgArtichoke with clouds PC081453Lichen P2010467Reflections DSF1018Reflections DSF1052Reflections 319-10

An article about pickleweed by Ron Sullivan and Joe Eaton in The San Francisco Chronicle featured one of my photos.

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